Hearing Screening test

This service is a benefit to our Sight testing service.

Its is a simple two minute test which can be carried out on most clients, with or without hearing aids, including those with dementia and learning disabilities.

The test involves our hearing screener sounding a series of tones at different pitches into each ear and asking the client to indicate which tones they heard with guidance from our trained hearing screening professional.

For clients that are unable to communicate, body language and reactions are closely monitored to ascertain a result.

The test will help us, together with yourselves to decide whether further investigation would be appropriate. It also helps to give you and your staff a basic understanding of the level of your clients hearing.

Audiology Referral Assessment
We refer all of your clients who require further investigation to the NHS Audiology department at your local hospital via your clients GP. this ensures that the referrals can be tracked by yourselves and us at Sightcall from start to finish.

We are happy to refer to private Audiologists at a clients request however we would like to make you aware that Private referrals  do sometimes result in a charge from the private audiology provider.

You will not be charged for this service if you are a Sight test client.


Things to look out for:

Clients with a hearing loss can often avoid group environments and become socially withdrawn. They find communication challenging and this can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration. This in turn may cause loss of self esteem and self worth.

Hearing in the elderly can become less efficient, predominately due to wear and tear of the inner ear. This tends to be gradual and often results in loss of clarity of speech rather than loss of volume.

Maximising hearing is essential to promote and maintain a client’s quality of life. Most of your clients will be eligible to receive NHS help for audiology assessments and hearing aids and we encourage you make use of these facilities.

There also many charities that can help with advise,  communication aids or put you in touch with local organisations that maybe able to help please see our links below:


Action for hearing loss (this charity was formally called The royal institute for the deaf)  –

Age action alliance –

Age UK –

Alzheimer’s society –

Dementia Action Alliance –

Parkinson’s UK-

RNIB – (the royal national institute of blind)


Communication aid –

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