Our Promise

We at Sightcall promise to deliver a quality, tailor made service to each individual client we see.

We do not work to sales targets and are not profit driven.

Our vision is not to focus on the numbers but on delivering an outstanding service for all.

To help us do this we follow the Domiciliary eye care committee guidelines:


  • Patients will receive a sight test in accordance with the regulations, their individual needs and the duty of care
  • Providers will utilise specialise portable equipment.
  • Providers acknowledge that when supplying domiciliary services they are acting in a privileged position of trust.
  • All providers will monitor and support any clinical staff with regular clinical governance reviews.


  • NHS sight tests will be offers to those who cannot access community optical practice unaccompanied as a result of mental or physical disability, as set out in the regulations.
  • Providers will respect the right of each patient to make their individual choice of provider for services and appliances
  • Patents have the right to expect a high standard of continuing care which ensures that any follow-up care required or requested is provided efficiently and professionally.


  • Each patient will be treated as an individual and communication will primarily be with them throughout their care unless it is inappropriate.
  • Carers and relatives will be involved where appropriate.


  • Providers are committed to providing high quality, personalised and professional eye care and optical services for housebound patients.


  • To prevent exposure to and reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases, strict use of appropriate hygiene procedures and precautions are always adhered to, especially equipment that clients come into contact with.


Working together for a clearer future………

Caring for your spectacles

Please find below some tips we find helpful to keep yours and your clients glasses working at their best for longer.

  • Take your spectacles off using two hands, instead of one. This will keep the earpieces aligned and avoid stretching them, which could make them loose.
  • Do not put spectacles on the top of your head. It could distort the shape.
  • Take your spectacles off before you use hairspray, perfume or cologne. As it damages the lenses causing any coatings like antiglare to brake down.
  • Keep your spectacles in a case when you are not wearing them. It will keep them from getting scratched.
  • Clean your spectacles regularly. A microfiber cleaning cloth can be used to wipe away fingerprints, dirt or dust. Washing your glasses is recommended when they are very dirty.
  • How do I wash my spectacles? Using a small amount of hand soap or gentle detergent, clean the lenses with your fingertips. Then rinse them with lukewarm water, pat dry with a soft tissue and finish off with your microfiber cloth.